Thursday, February 11, 2010

How does nail glue ruin your nails?

i got fake nails put on today, and was much dismayed when my friends told me that the nail glue used to attach the nails was supposed to ruin your nails. i did the nails myself; is there an advantage to getting it professionally done, or does the glue ruin your nails either way? also, how does it ruin your nails?How does nail glue ruin your nails?
it only ruins them if you try to pull the nails off. you have to soak them in acetone(it will dissolve the nail or make it mushy) when you want them off. pulling them off ruins your nail beds. same with acrylic or gel nails. you have to soak them off(it can take a while too), never pull them off. acrylic and gel nails can ruin them also because they either file your nail beds or use a drill on them. they will be bumpy and uneven.How does nail glue ruin your nails?
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the only thing is that they look more profesional and neater and yes your nails get ruin! (they become weaker)its normal. abiously, they will grow healthy!. If you want to remove them with less harm for acrilic nails use a good nail polish remover and let your nails soak in it for a couple of min by doing this the acrilic becomes softer.
The chemicals of the nail glue weaken the bonds of protein that make up your nails, and when they dry up, your nails may also crack and fall off, dry. It is best to just let your nails grow and paint them, instead of artificially gluing.
Professional or at-home, either way extended wear of fake nails will cause damage to the real nails. The glue does not allow the natural nails to breath. I've been told by nail techs that you should give your nails a break several times a year for a couple of weeks, and go without fake nails.

they need air
It dries them out.
i dont know i have the same question lol
My older sister wore fake nails for years and they ruined her natural finger nails permanently. Fungus started to grow under the fake nails and damaged the nail bed. Looks like the pain from her fingers would have let her know something was wrong, but it is too late now. Ah, vanity.

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